Little Green Footballs receives a long, pointless NY Times Sunday Magazine article

Does anyone–on the left or on the right–care about Little Green Footballs anymore? Why is the New York Times Sunday Magazine writing about it?

We know that in December 2009 the blog officially moved from politically right to politically left. Many on the right had left long before that time. Quantcast shows a huge traffic spike for a day or two in December, and then the downward trend mostly continues.

Right-Wing Flame War!
Why are conservatives so freaked out by a blog called Little Green Footballs?

There’s a right-wing flame war? Really? Most everyone on the right doesn’t give a damn and doesn’t read him anymore. In a year or two, the blog might not even exist. Does anyone get news from Charles Johnson? Does anyone care what Charles Johnson thinks?

Johnson himself (Mad King Charles is one of his most frequent, and most printable, Web nicknames) has used his technical know-how to block thousands of his former readers not just from commenting on his site but even, in many cases, from viewing its home page. He recently moved into a gated community, partly out of fear, he said, that the venom directed at him in cyberspace might jump its boundaries and lead someone to do him physical harm. He has turned forcefully against Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, nearly every conservative icon you can name. And answering the question of what, or who, got to Charles Johnson has itself become a kind of boom genre on the Internet.

“It’s just so illogical,” Geller told me heatedly not long ago. “I loved him. I respected him. But the way he went after people was like a mental illness. There’s an evil to that, a maliciousness. He’s a traitor, a turncoat, a plant. We may not know for years what actually happened. You think he changed his mind?”

Yeah, it was a “boom genre” for about one day, two months ago. Who cares?

(Johnson insists that this is not true — that no one has ever been banned from L.G.F. merely for disagreeing with him — but the anecdotal evidence to the contrary is voluminous, and the fact that the offending comments were instantly and permanently deleted makes it impossible to check others’ records against his.)

Being banned from LGF–does anyone care anymore? Johnson says he’s never banned anyone for disagreeing with him? He must be pretty far gone if he believes this.

Very few people on the right want to be linked with Charles Johnson anymore.


“If someone were to come to me and offer me a couple million dollars to go tour for six months, I wouldn’t say no. But at this point, the blog is more than meeting my needs, financially.” (He declines to characterize how much money he makes.)

The article could have interviewed many more people than Pamela Geller. No interview with Weasel Zippers or Kilgore Trout?

A long article, that reveals nothing new, about a tired old subject.

Perfect for the Sunday New York Times Magazine, I guess.