Beyonce sings for a Khadafy??

Remember the old days, when we fought wars and our entertainers would support the troops?

Beyonce probably doesn’t. From the New York Post’s Page Six:

Beyonce sings for a Khadafy
Posted: 1:27 AM, January 5, 2010
Beyonce performed for an hour on New Year’s Eve at a party thrown by terror-backing Libyan dictator Moammar Khadafy’s son, Hannibal, who has a long record of violence against women.
Just a week earlier, on Christmas Day, Hannibal, 33 — also known as Moutassim — allegedly attacked his wife, Aline Skaf, in his suite at Claridge’s in London. Three of his security staff were arrested for obstructing police. Skaf was reportedly hospitalized with a broken nose while Hannibal was whisked away in a diplomatic car.

In July 2008, he and his then-pregnant wife were arrested on charges of beating their servants in a Geneva hotel. They denied the charges, which were dropped after the servants received compensation.

Hannibal was also arrested in 2005 in a Paris hotel for allegedly punching Skaf. He then allegedly brandished a 9mm handgun and went on a furniture-smashing rampage in his hotel suite. No charges were brought.

A year earlier, he led a police chase on the Champs Elysees, reaching speeds of 90 mph in his Porsche. No charges were brought after Libyan diplomats apologized. And in 2001, he allegedly attacked three Italian policemen with a fire extinguisher, but demanded diplomatic immunity.

Reps for Beyoncé and Nikki Beach did not return calls and e-mails.

Glad to see that the performance was for such a good cause.

I checked the USO’s website. There’s no mention of Beyonce’s name. She’s never performed for the USO, not even once.

When a celebrity (like Beyonce) performs for the troops, it’s not a great sacrifice. The audience loves it. The soldiers buy tickets to the celebrity’s movies and buy the celebrity’s music CDs. It’s win-win for both the celebrity and the troops.

Beyonce is no Glenn Miller.

What is Beyonce telling us? That she can perform for Barack Obama at his inauguration, but for the troops fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq on Obama’s orders, screw them! You go fight Al Qaeda! I’m performing for Khadafy!

Beyonce, imma let you defend yo’self, but Taylor Swift made the best record of all time!