BLOOMBERG: I'll help Obama with amnesty in a bi-partisan effort to register illegals into the Democrat party.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has been sworn in for his illegal third term. (He overturned term limits without a public vote.)

His speech is here (with my comment, below). Four years ago, Bloomberg misquoted O. Henry. This year, Bloomberg misquotes both E. B. White and Ed Koch. I’ll make the same offer to billionaire Bloomberg as I did to multi-millionaire Glenn Beck. Can I work for free so you don’t misquote people?

Bloomberg’s short speech didn’t reveal many plans, but he did say this:

Now, we’ll set our sights on another national issue that affects New Yorkers in profoundly personal ways: immigration reform.

“With leaders from across the country, we will assemble a bi-partisan coalition to support President Obama’s call for comprehensive immigration reform that honors our history, upholds our values, and promotes our economy.

“No city on Earth – no city – should hold these principles higher aloft than this city of immigrants, because no city on earth has been more rewarded by immigrant labor, more renewed by immigrant ideas, more revitalized by immigrant culture, than the City of New York.

“And when I listen to the outstanding students we’ve had here today from the Newcomers School, I feel more strongly than ever that the future of our city, and our country, depends on newcomers like them, and on whether we honor the ideals that have lit the lamp of liberty in our harbor for more than a century, and that continue to inspire the world!”

Obama, Bloomberg, and Schwarzenegger and “bi-partisan” immigration reform in 2010. You thought government healthcare was a tough, losing, pathetic battle. That was just for starters!

Bloomberg’s willingness to work with Obama clearly means that they cut some kind of deal when Obama stayed out of the surprisingly close 2008 mayoral race. Bloomberg’s acceptance of the terror trials in New York City–making the city an even bigger target–is too accepting to be believed.

Bloomberg finally realized that Obamacare was terrible for New York only after the Cornhusker kickback and Obamacare officially passed? Anyone notice that?

Can you imagine what “immigration reform” and “healthcare reform” does to New York City? Just about anyone from anywhere in the world will get on a plane to New York City for free healthcare. The Medicaid/Medicare system is already broke!

And I will not stop working for you – I will not rest – until every job seeker finds work, every high school student graduates, every child is safe from illegal guns, every family has an affordable home, and every New Yorker with a dream finds it within reach.

No rest until 0% unemployment and 100% high school graduation rates? When does Bloomberg break this pledge–his first day in office, when he goes to bed?

Working with Obama in 2010 on amnesty for illegals. Just wonderful.

Why on earth did the Republicans back this guy a third time, long after he left the party?