Bill O'Reilly, Marc Lamont Hill, TIME--this is a no spin zone?

Bill O’Reilly, please retire!

Today’s show (you can catch the repeat) of The O’Reilly Factor says it all.

O’Reilly talked with someone from TIME magazine about its “Man of the Year”–Ben Bernanke. Right here this morning on Red State, Brad Smith wrote something that makes a lot more sense: “The Real Persons of the Year: The Tea Partiers.”

Glenn Beck took the same idea of Brad Smith and opened the first 15 minutes of today’s show with how TIME completely dissed the tea partiers. COMPLETELY dissed, as if the tea parties had not existed during 2009. Only one thing was missing–why wasn’t someone from TIME on Glenn Beck’s show?

Bill O’Reilly had someone from TIME on his show (two hours after Beck). I was waiting for the question about the tea partiers. Maybe O’Reilly doesn’t read Red State diaries, but surely, someone at Fox News knows about Glenn Beck? The lead item of the show on the same network? Hello?

The tea party question never came!

O’Reilly pointed out that TIME might go under along with NEWSWEEK, and the TIME guy said oh no, we’re stronger than ever!


Marc Lamont Hill was on the show again. I thought he’d been fired from FOX.

David Horowitz wrote this last week:

Marc Lamont Hill — Back at Fox?
2009 December 8
If Hill has returned to Fox’s airwaves, Fox is the poorer for it. We admire Fox’s commitment to present conflicting viewpoints, but there are any number of other, more articulate leftists than Hill, leftists whose expertise is not in “hip-hop” and who do not lionize cold-blooded murderers. Their responsibility should be rewarded with the remainder of Hill’s contract. Fox should begin by sending the message that once someone lionizes cop-killers and totalitarian monsters, he is no longer welcome in an international media forum.

A comment hit the issue exactly right:

wilmo permalink
December 9, 2009
Like most of my friends who were former fans of O’Reilly, I have quit watching him. Seems to me he is obsessed with getting another interview with Obama to stoke his over-sized ego, and believes having people on his show like Marc Lamont Hill enhances his chances. There are many gifted black thinkers who really could contribute to the constructive dialog we all search for, notably Dr. Thomas Sowell. Hill is an air-head who pretends knowledge in areas he has none. And O’Reilly goes out of his way to fuel Hill’s fantasy.

Bill, your first interview with Obama–timed as it was right against the Republican National Convention–was bad enough. A second interview will come, but is this the price for it? When I see Marc Lamont Hill come on, I know it’s time for me to tune out the show and go back to my internet work.

Bill, be competent! Glen Beck supports the tea partiers and rails against TIME’s selection of “Man of the Year”–and no one on a subsequent FOX NEWS show knows about it?

Bill, Bill, Bill–retire. You’re no longer bold and fresh.