Terror Trials in Brooklyn? FORGET ABOUT IT!

Terrorist trials in Brooklyn? Fuhgeddaboutit!

What a brilliant plan, President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder! Year-long terrorist trials in downtown Manhattan and downtown Brooklyn! What could go wrong? Clearly, much better than having the terrorists simply plead guilty at Gitmo!

From Tuesday’s New York Times:

Brooklyn May Also Play Host to Terror Trials
Justice Department officials are close to deciding whether to bring several Guantánamo detainees accused of being Qaeda operatives to Brooklyn for trial in federal court, according to people briefed on the matter.

A decision to try the cases in Brooklyn would mean that major terrorism trials would take place not only in Lower Manhattan, where the self-described mastermind of the Sept. 11 attacks is to be prosecuted, but also in New York City’s other busy federal courthouse. Officials have said they are also likely to try detainees from Guantánamo in federal courts in Alexandria, Va., and Washington.

The names of the Guantánamo detainees whose cases are under consideration for trial in Brooklyn have not been publicly disclosed. But the Justice Department guidelines governing the selection process suggest that officials would consider a suspect named Majid Khan, accused of being a Qaeda operative. Federal officials have said that Mr. Khan, a Pakistani who lived in Baltimore for six years, played a range of roles in plots focused on targets in the United States and elsewhere and was linked to an aborted effort to bring down the Brooklyn Bridge.

Why not just draw a huge target on the Brooklyn Bridge?

Chuck Schumer is currently demanding at least $75 million of federal aid to help secure New York City. All this to try maybe ten people?

Does not one New York senator see something wrong? How about the mayor? How about anyone on the city council? Anyone? Anyone?

Many subway lines run under these courtrooms. The subway cars (I used to take the Lexington line to work) are packed like sardines. Someone (proudgop) added this comment to a previous post:

They will be closing all subways stops around court house. Well folks if there is one thing New Yorkers HATE is having our daily commutes messed up. This may actually get some pissed at Obama now finally

How can New York City close subway lines in both Manhattan and Brooklyn for a year? How about closing the Brooklyn Bridge, too?

Wake up, New Yorkers! This is complete insanity!

WAKE UP!!!!!!!

Demand some political party to represent you, or get out!!