Sunday NY Times healthcare editorial is full of lies ("46 million uninsured Americans," again?)


There is no other proper response to the Sunday New York Times editorial, Can We Afford It?.

Over the next two decades, the pending bills would actually reduce deficits by a small amount and reforms in how medical care is delivered and paid for — begun now on a small scale — could significantly reduce future deficits

Reduce deficits? Lie to me some more, New York Times! Come on! Tell a big one!

STATUS QUO IS UNSUSTAINABLE More than 46 million Americans have no insurance, and millions more have such poor coverage that a severe illness threatens bankruptcy.

The 46 million lie! Even Obama didn’t use this number in his speech before Congress. Yet the New York Times uses this number now, at this late date.

Here, dated June 26, 2009, is Beware New York Times Polls, “46 Million Uninsured” and Other ObamaCare Hoaxes :

First and foremost, approximately 21 percent of that number, or 10 million, are not American citizens. Is it the responsibility of American taxpayers to subsidize health insurance for ten million non-citizens? Of course not.

Second, it’s estimated that as many as 14 million of the 46 million are already eligible for existing government insurance programs, such as Medicaid and S-CHIP, but for whatever reason have failed to — or have chosen not to — enroll.

Third, approximately 19 million of the uninsured are people between the age of 18 and 34, according to the National Center for Policy Analysis. As they note in their study, “most of them are healthy, and know that they can pay incidental expenses out-of-pocket.

Lie to me more, New York Times!

A trillion dollars is still a lot of money, but it needs to be put in some perspective.

This is THE line for our times! A trillion dollars is still a lot of money!

Cato says that ObamaCare’s price tag is more like six trillion dollars. Is six trillion dollars still a lot of money?

Lie to me some more, New York Times:

The Congressional Budget Office projects that the vast majority of Americans, those covered by employer-sponsored insurance, would see little change or a modest decline in their average premiums under the Senate bill. It predicts that the bills would reduce deficits in the first decade by a modest $130 billion or so and perhaps $650 billion in the next decade — a small share of the burden.

Private insurance will go out of business. Those with employer-sponsored insurance will be taxed. The budget deficit ain’t going down–see HotAir’s Maine’s “Public Option” Still in the Red.

More New York Times:

SHOULD WE GIVE UP ON SAVINGS? The House and Senate bills, and the stimulus legislation, have a lot of ideas that could bring down costs over time.

Tort reform is not one of those cost-saving ideas, so the New York Times never mentions it.

SUMMARY: The usual lies, but for the “46 million” figure to be trotted out again, months after it was debunked on so many websites, months after even President Obama even dropped it, shows that the New York Times will lie repeatedly, lie without a conscience, and lie without respect for its readers.

More “46 million” debunking, from The American Spectator back in March 20, 2009:

The Myth of the 46 Million
By Philip Klein on 3.20.09 @ 6:10AM
For starters, the statistic does not mean that there are “46 million uninsured Americans,” as the New York Times reported in a recent story on health care, and as is echoed throughout the media. Just a quick look inside the Census Bureau data shows that 9.7 million of the uninsured are not citizens of the United States. Liberals can argue that we still have a moral duty to cover non-citizens, but this doesn’t change the fact that as a matter of accuracy, the Census data only tells us that 36 million Americans are uninsured.

MORAL: “More than 46 million Americans have no insurance…” YOU LIE, NEW YORK TIMES! REPEATEDLY!