Harlem Gospel Choir stiffs Glenn Beck ("We don't sell to conservatives")

“We don’t sell to conservatives.”

You can’t say “We don’t sell to blacks.” You can’t say “No Irish need apply.” You can’t say “No Mexicans.” You can’t say “That’s a Jewish name. We don’t hire Jews at this firm.”

But if you’re a conservative talk show host, your money is no good. No service for you!

From today’s New York Daily News:

Harlem Gospel Choir nixes Glenn Beck film role over finances, not politics, it says
BY Stephanie Gaskell
Tuesday, December 1st 2009, 4:00 AM
The Harlem Gospel Choir has backed out of a holiday performance with controversial conservative talk-show host Glenn Beck, the Daily News has learned.

The famous choir, which has performed for Nelson Mandela and Pope John Paul II, was set to appear in the simulcast film of Beck’s novel “The Christmas Sweater – A Return to Redemption,” which opens Thursday in theaters nationwide.

The choir canceled the appearance Monday, citing financial reasons.

James Rucker, executive director of Color for Change – which has helped persuade more than 80 advertisers to ditch Beck’s show – said the group did an about-face after he called the choir.

Financial reasons? I don’t buy it. The choir’s manager is quoted as saying, “There wasn’t enough money to pay our agent’s commission.” I find it difficult to believe that Beck isn’t paying the choir.

Glenn Beck watchers might note that he took a stroll through Harlem on a show recently with Fox Business’s Charles Payne (who grew up there). Beck found some conservatives in Harlem!

“A Christmas Sweater” is scheduled for a Thursday broadcast. You just don’t sign a binding performance contract and then back out on Monday.

The message is clear: The Harlem Gospel Choir doesn’t sing for conservatives.

Let’s look at who is acceptable to the Harlem Gospel Choir:

Performed with Whoopi Goldberg, NYC
Performed with Harry Belafonte & Danny Glover at Carnegie Hall, NYC

Two years ago, November 20, 2007, the Harlem Gospel Choir performed for “A Night at the Apollo with Barack Obama.”

The Daily News story continues:

Bailey said the choir does not play politics, and the group was unaware that critics consider Beck racist.

Stay classy, Harlem Gospel Choir, and keep backing out of performance contracts at the last minute. Of course you don’t play politics!

Remember when Rush Limbaugh tried to become a limited partner of an NFL team? A limited partner is one who invests, but doesn’t have a say in the day-to-day management. The NFL’s message was clear: No conservative investors are allowed.

“We don’t sell to conservatives.”

Is this the new racism?