COST OF AN EGO: Bloomberg Spent $102 Million to Win 3rd Term ($183 per vote)

Michael Bloomberg ego knows no bounds. It will cost the GOP, New York City, New York State, and the United States of America dearly–let me show you the ways!

From Saturday’s New York Times:

To eke out a narrow re-election victory over the city’s understated comptroller, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg spent $102 million of his own money, or about $183 per vote, according to data released on Friday, making his bid for a third term the most expensive campaign in municipal history.

Mr. Bloomberg, the wealthiest man in New York City, shattered his own previous records: he poured $85 million into his campaign in 2005, and $74 million on his first bid for office in 2001.

And the $102 million tab is likely to rise: the mayor has not yet doled out his storied bonuses to campaign workers, which can top $100,000 a person. That spending will not be reported until after his inauguration.

That figure doesn’t include untold millions (probably at least $100 million) of “soft money” donations to churches, synagogues, hospitals, and other non-profits. He did it all to eke out a third term–illegal under the term limits law that he nudged the city council to overturn without a popular vote.

What’s wrong with a billionaire spending his own money?  Nothing wrong with that, just that he didn’t get much bang for the buck the third time around.

What’s wrong with the Republican party endorsing this independent who doesn’t share their values? Plenty.

When New York (city and state) were going off a cliff in 2005-2006, it was difficult for me, as a Republican, to complain. New York State had a Republican governor (George Pataki) and New York City had a Republican mayor (Michael Bloomberg). Both were RINOs. What choice was there?

My choice was voting with my feet and moving to Texas.

A few of you have seen this story in the news the other day: New York State Running Out Of Money. By this Christmas, New York State will have about $36 million cash on hand–about $1.50 for every New York resident. How do you have your family live in a bankrupt state like this?

Here’s just some of the cost of Michael Bloomberg’s re-re-election:

1. EMINENT DOMAIN–The case of Kelo v. City of New London was decided in 2005. The Supreme Court (narrowly) said that municipalities COULD do this, but it didn’t say that municipalities SHOULD. Many cities and states have passed laws stating that eminent domain will never be used in this manner. New York (city and state) did NOT pass such a law.

Liberal fascists love this eminent domain power. Michael Bloomberg has said many times that eminent domain is an essential tool for the city to use for the “greater good.” If the NYC government determines that someone can use your resources better than you can, they’ve got them! A man’s home is his castle–until other man desires that castle.

Let’s look at three very recent eminent domain examples in New York City, all with the blessing of the “Republican” Mayor Bloomberg:

1A. ATLANTIC YARDS (Brooklyn)–The city can take your home because a privately owned sports franchise (the New Jersey Nets) wants to build an arena. Even though the housing market has collapsed, there will be apartment complexes built. with the generous help of federal, state, and city loans to Forest City Ratner. Forest City Ratner paid ACORN about $1.5 million to support the project. This “shovel-ready” project might qualify for federal stimulus funds–public money to rich, well-connected private citizens like Bruce Ratner and rapper Jay-Z.   Are you happy now with the Republican mayor?

1B, WILLETS POINT (Queens)–Willets Point is located near the new Mets stadium. It’s not a pretty collection of auto body shops, but these shops employ people and have to be located somewhere. The city has neglected to provide services to this area (sidewalks, sewers) for decades.Not surprisingly, the area was determined to be a “blight,” available to be purchased under eminent domain for a cheap price. “Affordable housing” is scheduled to be built for the area. The auto body shops were promised a place to relocate, but no place has yet been found.

1C. MANHATTANVILLE (Manhattan)–Columbia University (a private university) want to expand into Harlem (Manhattanville). Columbia threatened people to sell, but there was one prominent holdout. Columbia got the state to declare the area “blighted” (you can use that term for anything if the state authority is on your side) and eminent domain proceedings were started. The lone holdout has vowed to take this all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, but it’s a costly journey to protect his private property rights, especially with his own government conspiring against him.

2. SWEETHEART UNION DEALS–Although Bloomberg is a billionaire, no politician is above using the public’s money to help get re-elected. A billion-dollar sweetheart deal with the Building and Construction Trades Council was announced after the election. If you’re a sitting mayor and you give a good deal to a municipal union, the union tends to either endorse you or to stay quiet. And yes, the Building and Construction Trades Council did endorse Mike Bloomberg for re-election. Amazing coincidence!

3. WELCOMING TERRORIST TRIALS IN NEW YORK CITY–Former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani immediately went on record to say that the 9-11 terrorists should be sent to military tribunals, not to civilian court in New York City. Former NYC Mayor Ed Koch has also called the New York City terrorist trials a “dumb” idea. Current NYC Mayor Bloomberg is all for it.

Recent records of White House visits show that Bloomberg made four personal appearances there. Though New York is a Democrat-owned town and it was a very close race. President Obama never personally campaigned with Democrat mayoral candidate William Thompson–not even when Obama was close by, campaigning in New Jersey. One gets the strong sense that a deal was cut–Obama stays out of the NYC mayoral race and Bloomberg accepts terrorist trials in civilian court in Manhattan. It’s a deal to help Bloomberg get elected, but it’s not in the best interests of New Yorkers or of Americans.

4. TAX HIKE MIKE–Michael Bloomberg has raised taxes more than any mayor in New York City history. His philosophy is never to cut “essential” services–just raise taxes!

The Neighborhood Retail Alliance on November 11th speculated on a long-overdue tax revolt in New York:

So, as we ride into the fiscal abyss, will we get the strong dose of realism from a Governor Cuomo to allow us to avoid disaster? Or we we be left with the old tired tax raising approaches that the Bloomberg conventional wisdom always ends up doing. If we do, the tax revolt is right around the corner-and for NY, it might just take the form of an even more copious mass exodus from an over taxed state.

Tax revolt? Who are beleaguered New Yorkers going to turn to? Those low-tax. cost-cutting Democrats? The Republicans? The same Republicans who gave you Michael Bloomberg?

Congratulations, Michael Bloomberg. You spend an enormous sum of money, but you won a third term as mayor of New York City.

To New York Republicans, thanks for ruining the Republican brand. and New York City, and New York State.

To New Yorkers, get out now!!