Bloomberg, Unions and New York City (standard operating procedure)

The biggest, most important stories are barely reported. This is from today’s New York Post:

$10B city boost for unions
Posted: 3:11 AM, November 22, 2009
A new deal hatched between Mayor Bloomberg and the Building and Trades Council will net union hardhats an estimated $10 billion in work in coming years, The Post has learned.

The deal — hammered out ahead of the Nov. 4 election narrowly won by Hizzoner, with the backing of the council — will ensure that union labor does the rehabilitation, renovation and new construction on many city projects for the next several years, sources said.

To trim their historically high costs, the unions agreed to work- and wage-rule concessions.

Rebecca Meinking, president of the non-union New York’s Associated Builders and Contractors, said, “It’s ironic that the unions set up these arcane work restrictions, then ride in on their white horse and say, ‘OK, we’ll lift them if you give us work.’ It’s extortion, if you ask me.”

It probably didn’t make the six o’clock news.

A union deal for ten billion dollars, signed right after a close mayoral election? Bloomberg’s a billionaire many times over, but this smells like he bought the union with money from the overtaxed working stiffs of New York City–those suckers who are still left to pay the ever-increasing bills.

One comment:

Uncommon Sense
11/22/2009 1:22 PM
Another dirty deal by Mayor Yutzberg to buy votes with taxpayers’ money. He spent millions of his own dollars, but he billions of taxpayer dollars–to get reelected through dirty deals like this one.

Another comment:

11/22/2009 11:33 AM
They help him buy an election, he helps them buy an extra 20 years of endless delays in the subway for “track work” and “repairs” and “new facilities in the subway.” Corruption at its worst.

I got mad that LA Senator Mary Landrieu’s vote gets bought $300 million with OUR MONEY. This is a $10 billion buy.

Is no one watching or even reporting things like this?

(USUAL DISCLOSURE: I left New York City just in time. I don’t want New York to fail, but my first priority is the future of my children.)