Killeen (TX) Kaddish (Will the NFL do it this Sunday?)

Our troops deserve to be honored more. The tragedy at Foot Hood (Killeen, TX) just shows the great debt that we owe to our true heroes (not simply sports heroes).

There needs to be a moment of silence before the national anthem at each sporting event. Before that moment of silence, the announcer should recite the names of the recent injured or dead who have fought to keep us safe.

Then the national anthem should be done, with added meaning.

To anyone out there who is Jewish, this is familiar procedure. There is a “Mourner’s Kaddish” with every prayer service.  The names of the dead from within the congregation are recited. My rabbi always mentioned the six million Jew who died in the holocaust with every Kaddish prayer.

Before every sporting event, recite the names of our dead or injured local heroes, have a brief moment of silence, and then sing the national anthem. How difficult is that?

Can the NFL do this simple thing every Sunday?

Tell the NFL! Tell your local college!