***UPDATE***There is Hope for the Illinois GOP after All

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Here is the committee vote on Illinois SB600:

The committee voting record on SB 600 was:

Voting “Yes”

David Luechtefeld (R)*

M. Maggie Crotty (D)

Terry Link (D)

Michael Bond (D)

James T. Meeks (D)

Voting “No”

Dale A. Righter (R)

Dan Rutherford (R)

Randall M. Hultgren (R)

Louis S. Viverito (D)

*Senator Luechtefeld (IL-58) was a co-sponsor of the bill.

Senator Rutherford (IL-53), whose office made it clear on  Monday 3/9 that he supported the bill apparently had a “change of heart“, due to an amendment that was filed on that same day.  The actual committe vote was Tuesday at 1pm (3/10).  I spoke to **** who was unable to point to what specifically was so objectionable.

How about the fact that after an unsuccessful run for IL-SOS in 2006, He is now poised to run for State Treasurer in 2010.  With obvious ambitions for higher office, see here:


With US Senator Burris (D) heading for a contested primary in 2010, This is an opening that Rutherford simply cant pass up.

It would appear that the good senator Rutherford simply doesn’t want to upset the “Combine” apple cart.  Nothing in Illinois is accomplished without the approval of the Combine.  The good senator is obviously willing to sell out the party and the people, for his own selfish ambitions.  We know what the good senator’s excuse is; What about the other 3 R’s on the committee?  What is THEIR  excuse for selling out the base?  For selling out the PEOPLE?  I have not been able to reach them for comment.  Stay tuned.