There is Hope for the Illinois GOP after All

I just received a call from (state) Senator Chris Lauzen’s(IL-25) office moments ago.  SB600 has passed out of committee on a 5-4 vote.  While we don’t know yet how the actual roll call vote went, we do know that this is excellent news for the Republican party and more specifically the grass roots conservatives in Illinois.

Warner Todd Huston has written on this several times, including yesterday:


What this bill (amendment) essentially does is it gives the power back to the people.  The State Central Committee is currently made up of 19 members, who were essentially “put” on the committee via backroom deals and other nefarious means.  This amendment to the Illinois Election code changes that.

SB 600:  http://www.ilga.gov/legislation/96/SB/PDF/09600SB0600lv.pdf

Specifically,  There are two major changes.

1.  The Central Committee , to be equally divided between men and women, will consist of 1 each from the 19 congressional districts totaling 38.

2.  The Committee will then elect a party chair, either from within this group of 38, or from an outside pool of people as they see fit.

Even though these changes would not take effect until the 2010 primary, this is a good start.

This is good in that it will go a long way towards eliminating the back room deals and corruption that have for so long marred the once proud GOP in this great state.

Andy McKenna, the current party chair is pulling out all the stops to try to remain in power, including on-going e-mail blasts to the rank and file.  DO NOT BE DECEIVED!!!.  This is the same party establishment that gave us a pro-choice, anti-family candidate, who could not beat the now disgraced and previously under investigation (by the feds) “Blago” back in ’06.

The battle is not over yet.  This moves to the floor where a vote is not yet scheduled.  We need to stay alert and keep calling our state senators, including the dems, who hold a 37-22 majority.

I will update as I receive more information.

As a side note, I had previously commented that John Milner (IL-28) was the state senator that voted against weakening the recently passed Ethics reform law.  I am happy to inform you that State Senator Lauzen, recognizing a missed opportunity, has had his vote officially changed for the record, to sho that like Milner, he opposed weakening the ethics reforms that had just been recently passed.  He has sent a letter to the entire caucus letting them know that we (the state senators) missed an opportunity here and that they all need to be more vigilant.