Austin Scott on Defense - 8th GA District

Jim Marshall’s recent ad on Warner Robins Air Force Base is very compelling and begs for a strong and immediate response. As a retired veteran, I recommend that Austin Scott counter this with his own ad that speaks of the Democrat Party’s long standing weakness on national security. Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton cut defense to the bone in order to acquire budget dollars for pet government projects. Recently, President Obama stated that he too would cut the Department of Defense by ten percent.

Jim Marshall has served in the military and has brought military jobs to Middle Georgia. Jim Marshall is also a Democrat. The public needs to be reminded that his own Democrat leadership, to include Obama, Biden, Reid, Kerry, Pelosi, did everything they could to undermine the morale of our troops while they were in harm’s way. Recall that Jim Marshall’s Democrat colleague John Murtha referred to our soldiers as Nazis.

It is true that Austin Scott did not serve in the military. One can not, however, draw from this that he is not strong on Defense. It must be stated that he, along with the Republican Party, will do all that is necessary to retain and grow Warner Robin’s Air Force Base and to fight Obama’s reduction of the Department of Defense. We can not rely on Marshall or any Blue Dog Democrats to stem Obama’s plan to strip Defense. Democrats have already demonstrated, through Obamacare, how their votes can be bought.

Finally, I recommend that Scott solicit the support of retired military personnel, like Rick Goddard, to endorse Scott and help champion his position on Defense.