Democratic Military Intelligence

The Democratic Party spent a good portion of Wednesday night’s convention telling the American people how they loved and respected the military. For those of you that have very short memories, this is the same party that referred to our soldiers in 2006 as Nazi SS troops (Murtha) and cold blooded killers (Durbin), and accused them of terrorizing innocent civilians (Kerry). Neither these folks nor other members of their party said anything publicly about the kidnapped American soldiers who were beheaded and had their genitals cut off and shoved down their throats.

For those of you who have slightly longer memories, this is the same party that attempted to disallow the absentee ballots of America service members from Florida who were serving abroad during the 2000 Presidential elections.

And those of you who have great memories will recall that military service members were not even allowed in the White House on “official” business during the early years of President Clinton’s first term.

The Democratic Party is betting that most Americans will have short memories and will have forgotten all of this. While this may be true, the military will not forget.

Oh, and by the way Mr. Obama, we have won the war.