Fini, no mas, goodbye.

On September 18th I wrote the following:

We have seven weeks to push back against evil and prolong our republic’s existence a while longer.  Seven weeks. Seven weeks from tonight we will know. Will America once more choose to sidestep disaster and move back toward sanity and Godliness, or will it continue in a downward spiral to destruction?

I also wrote:

As I watch the media present obvious lies as the truth, and see our President revealed as a narcissistic knave, and see evidence that a majority of my fellow citizens are  either deceived or like-minded fools, I feel a change in my gut that leaves me sad yet also relieved of a burden. I am not yet fifty years old but I am weary and I feel my time in political activity of any sort is growing very short.  Current events point toward a fundamental change in the life experience of Americans.

So it has come to pass that a majority of Americans are either fools or knaves, and in this context they are one and the same.

I am withdrawing from any and all political activity for the remainder of my time on earth.  I’m not urging others to do the same. Each must follow their own judgement and the path it leads them to. Many will continue the struggle and I wish them well.

I am now a stranger in my own land which means it is no longer my land. My identity henceforth will be simply “Christian”. I will be “American” only to the extent it is needed to fulfill legal obligations. I stopped caring last night. If that makes me a quitter or a loser or a wimp then so be it.

I’m not depressed and I don’t feel bitter. I’m am exhausted mentally and physically. I believe that this nation moved beyond a boundary last night that closes the book on the great American Experiment. We are now indistinguishable from Europe. The fight is over and my side lost. Political struggles going forward will be over how to divide the spoils. The choice between good and evil has been made.

Best of luck to all of you and may God bless you in your future endeavors.