"Heckuva job, Barry"

According to the Democrats and their eager enablers in the media, George W. Bush and his administration were both incompetent and indifferent when the after affects of hurricane Katrina flooded New Orleans in 2005.

The fact that most of the suffering occurred because of the actions or lack of action of,

A) Corrupt local officials

B) Incompetent local officials including the Mayor and the Governor

C) The citizens themselves for failing to evacuate

D) Other citizens who increased the misery by looting and preying upon the weak

E) Jean Baptiste Le Moyne who decided 300 years ago to build a city at the bottom of a bowl surrounded by water.

was of no interest to the Democrats or the media. It was all the fault of Bush and the bunch of cronies he had installed at FEMA and elsewhere.

Now comes 2012 and hurricane Sandy. Sandy was forecast days in advance as a dangerous storm. Weather experts repeatedly warned that Sandy was highly likely to deal a devastating blow to the east coast. Both local, state, AND federal authorities had ample time to prepare.

Yet what do we see happening now? Parts of New York and New Jersey are chaotic and nightmarish. Here’s a sampling from the AP:

“It’s dirty, and it’s getting a little crazy down there,” said Michael Tomeo, who boarded a bus to Philadelphia with his 4-year-old son. “It just feels like you wouldn’t want to be out at night. Everything’s pitch dark. I’m tired of it, big-time.”


Bridges into the city were open, but police enforced a carpooling rule and peered into windows to make sure each car had at least three people. The rule was meant to ease congestion but appeared to worsen it. Traffic jams stretched for miles, and drivers who made it into the city reported that some people got out of their cars to argue with police.


With the electricity out and gasoline supplies scarce, many gas stations across the New York area remained closed, and stations that were open drew long lines of cars that spilled out onto roads. At a station near Coney Island, almost 100 cars lined up, and people shouted and honked, and a station employee said he had been spit on and had coffee thrown at him.


Garbage is piling up, a stench hangs in the air and mud-caked mattresses and couches line the streets. Residents are sifting through the remains of their homes, searching for anything that can be salvaged…..and some residents questioned what they called the lack of a response by government disaster relief agencies.

Wow, isn’t the Obama Administration supposed to be like , all competent and stuff?

On Monday as the storm approached, that prognosticator extraordinaire Nate Silver addressed the possible political impact of the storm, writing in part:

….the Northeast is a wealthy party of the country, and wealthier regions have better infrastructure than impoverished ones, allowing them to recuperate more quickly after a disaster.

His statement drips with the common arrogance of northeast liberals saying in effect “Those dumb hillbillies down in the “impoverished” South have a rough time with bad weather because they are poor stupid Republicans, but we brilliant sophisticated liberals can have a hurricane for breakfast and a tsunami for lunch”.

How’s that working out for ya Nate?

As we are assured that power will be restored in Manhattan tomorrow we also hear that people are hungry on Staten Island and people are still dying.  From this morning’s Star Ledger word of the turmoil in Newark:

Many streets remained impassible, schools shuttered, businesses were still closed and new deaths were being reported — not from the storm, but the deadly fumes of emergency generators running nonstop throughout the night in so many darkened neighborhoods.

Four days after Hurricane Sandy devastated New Jersey, the state is still in dire crisis. And if things weren’t bad enough, another storm is on the way.

Wow, isn’t New Jersey that state where Governor Waddle had his lips surgically attached to the President’s ass  because of the great job Barry is doing?

And speaking of Gov. Waddle, I noticed this quote in the same article:

Gov. Chris Christie said he told state utility leaders they needed to come up with a better plan to restore service to customers. “I’m not going to put up with a lot of B.S. about how long this is going to take,” said Christie, who said he told utility executives, “whatever your playbook is, throw it away.”

I’m not familiar with how New Jersey’s power companies are ran but they are either public or private. If they are private than Gov. Waddle has no authority to tell them how to run their business.  If they are public then presumably they answer to Gov. Waddle and thus are ultimately his responsibility so shouldn’t the blame for their “B.S.” rest in part on his ample frame?

Meanwhile, according to reports including this one from Michelle Malkin, non-union electric crews from Alabama and Virginia are being turned away and not allowed to work in Gov. Waddle’s state.

Heckuva job Barry and you too Gov. Waddle. You richly deserve each other.