Romney Seals The Deal

Tonight Mitt Romney did what I hoped he would by adopting a big picture strategy and staying away from tactical cheap shots.  As important as foreign policy is, it will not decide the 2012 election.  However if Romney had allowed himself to be goaded into bellicosity it could have derailed the momentum that he has enjoyed for three weeks.

Americans are war weary and any indication that Romney represents an intention to escalate military involvement in the Middle East could have been disastrous.  I believe a sizable section of the population were waiting for this debate to take their measure of Mitt Romney’s international outlook.

They saw a  man who was smiling but firm, a man who is clearly well versed on the issues and believes in peace through strength and diplomacy. Tonight Mitt Romney exhibited a command of international relations and America’s place in the world unsurpassed by a presidential challenger since Richard Nixon in 1968.

Mitt Romney performed most impressively through these three debates.  He will make a great president.