A perfect duo for the Stupid Party

If there was any doubt left, last night’s “debate” washed it away. Though frustrated Republicans often lament the GOP’s stupidity, the Democrat Party is in fact the Stupid Party.

Barack Obama and Joe Biden may well comprise the most incapable team to ever hold their positions. Obama did lousy in his debate because:

A) He has a lousy record.

B) He has no plan for the future.

C) He isn’t intelligent enough or articulate enough to lie effectively about A or B without a teleprompter.

Joe Biden giggled and lied his way through the debate last night because

A) He could not “win” based on substance. (giggles)

B) His vaunted foreign policy prowess doesn’t actually exist. (lies)

C) Like Obama he has never held a real job. He’s been in school or government his entire life.

Biden is like an arm chair quarterback (I’m sure you know one) who watch so much football that they memorize all the insider jargon. They talk authoritatively about swing passes, throwing into the flat, draw plays, zone defenses, and on and on. Their actual understanding of football is hardly more sophisticated than your Great Aunt Bessie but man o man can they talk about it.

These characters rely on the fact that any person who is ignorant of football can’t tell the difference between knowledge and hot air and so it is with Biden. His obvious game plan last night was to lie, try to anger Ryan with interruptions, and mention 47% every chance he had. But he was too inept to execute even that seemingly easy game plan.

21st Century Liberalism has become a vacuum. It is empty and exists only to plot its continued existence. The Democrat Party is a confusion of mixed signals and conflicting special interests that has no over riding principles beyond winning the next election. That worked so long as the Big Media covered up their bungling, but after Denver the fickle flighty press has begun to abandon ship.

Obama and Biden lost their debates because they have failed, they have no ideas, and now that the media veil has slipped they are even incompetent at lying. In short, they are a perfect choice to represent the Stupid Party.