UPDATED: Romney Up 4 in New Pew Poll....Polling Picture to Start the Week

Pew Research has released its latest poll conducted over the 4th through the 7th and they have Romney over Obama 49 -45. Needless to say I know, but that is a horrible poll for Obama.

Pew gives three different partisan ID  (PID) numbers. The “General Public”  PID is 27R 31D 36I. The “Registered Voter” PID is 33R 32D 31I. The “Likely Voter” PID is 36R 31D 30I.

Among registered voters 66% say Romney won the debate as opposed to only 20% who say Obama won. 64% of those who watched the debate rated it as mostly informative as opposed to 26% who rated it mostly confusing.  Looking at those two sets of numbers it rather obvious who thinks the debate was confusing and its not people who thought Romney won.

Rasmussen has move the race to 48-48 today after showing Romney up 49-47 for two days. Not statistically important although obviously psychologically annoying. Gallup decided to release a three day tracking poll yesterday that shows the race knotted at 47% among registered voters.

Its unclear whether Gallup intends to use a three day tracker the rest of the way or if this is a one time thing. In this age of 24-7 news where events can turn in a matter of hours, a seven day poll is not much use when there is a game changer such as the debate last Wednesday.

Democrats may cry fowl that Gallup’s change favors Romney but reporting pre-debate numbers for a week after the event is somewhat like reporting a study from last week showing that Atlanta Braves fans think umpires are highly competent.

There is a “new” Battleground poll out that shows Obama up 49-48 but it was taken Monday through Thursday so only one day reflected debate reaction.  However as John Nolte at Breitbart points out, Battlefield has Romney winning independents 51-35! It is inconceivable that Romney is winning independents by 16 points and yet trails Obama by a point overall. Either someone is incompetent or someone is fudging the numbers. There are no other choices.

Now for your enjoyment here is a hilarious Uncle Clint video. WARNING: Uncle Clint uses some salty language to get his point across.