Big Government Virginia Republicans

Is not the Republican Party the party that supports a return to small government and thinning out the regulation jungle? Aren’t Republicans the ones who always promise to lower the barriers to economic activity and growth?   Don’t Republicans routinely tout their support and adoration for small business?

As a retail business owner in Virginia I recently received the following notice:

The 2012-2014 Appropriations Act requires the Virginia Department of Taxation to collect all Retail Sales and Use Tax returns and payments electronically. 

  • Dealers who file on a monthly basis must file and pay electronically beginning with the return for the month of July 2012, which is due to be filed by August 20, 2012.
  • Dealers who file on a quarterly basis will not be subject to the requirement in 2012.  Instead, those dealers must file and pay electronically beginning with the return for the quarter ending September 30, 2013, which is due to be filed by October 20, 2013.
  • Returns and payments must be submitted electronically on or before the due date to be considered timely.
  • Preprinted sales tax return coupon mailings will be discontinued for monthly filers effective for the month of July 2012, and for quarterly filers effective for the quarter of July 2013 through September 2013.

The Republican Party controls both the House and Senate in Virginia, and of course the Governor is Vice-President wanna be Bob McDonnell. These supposed “small government conservatives” have thus taken action that will cause expenses to go up for many small businesses and will almost certainly force many part-time and week-end businesses (especially those ran by older citizens) to just shut down.

The only reason for this is greed. The only reason for this is so the state can get its dirty little fingers on our money faster and theoretically cut down on an employee or two (but don’t hold your breath on that one). And of course as an added bonus the State of Virginia will now have access to every retailer’s bank account.

The entire requirement is absurd and shameful. The State in its great majesty is now too good to accept checks from the grubby little people that collect their sales tax for them.

This is a high-handed BIG GOVERNMENT action that true Jeffersonian Conservatives would NEVER have passed.

I know several Republican Senators and Delegates and see them frequently. None of them bothered to mention this plan to me or any other business owner I’ve spoken to.

From this day forward I will never donate one dime to any Republican who voted for this power grab, nor will I ever again give them my vote.

Enough is enough.