Hypocrisy, Obama be thy name

Over the past few months Barack Obama has scaled new heights of bloviating hypocrisy, joined in this by almost 100% of the political left. We have heard from time immemorial that while the Democrats just want to get the people’s work done, those dithering Republicans only want to focus on “social issues”. That same brand of hokum is pushed by the establishment wing of the Republican Party when they want to blame so called “social conservatives” for all manner of electoral ills.

Yet what has Barack Obama been up to over the past three months or so? What news has he made? What genuinely new policy has he enacted or sought to enact? Has he unveiled a new tax system? A new debt reduction plan? Has he announced any new initiatives to stoke the economy or better yet just untether it? No he hasn’t. What has he done instead? The first paragraph of this story from the AP (via Yahoo) rather well sums it up:

There’s not much President Barack Obama can do to boost the economy in the next five months, and that alone might cost him the November election. But on a range of social issues, Obama is bypassing Congress and aggressively using his executive powers to make it easier for gays to marry, women to obtain birth control, and, now, young illegal immigrants to avoid deportation.

Thank heavens Barack Obama was elected in 2008 so he could concentrate on fixing the economy. Why if John McCain had been elected we would probably be eleven trillion dollars in debt with unemployment over 8% and the people in an uproar over a bunch of divisive social issues.   sarcasm/