President O-bwah-wah-wah

Barack Obama is quite frankly an odd-ball. He is easily the strangest person to rise to the presidency over the past 80 years. He is distrusted by conservatives for many reasons, but I’ve come to the conclusion that we have all missed the boat when it comes to really understanding Mr. Obama.

Mr. Obama’s personality appears brittle and while on rare occasions he manages to approach likeable, he usually exudes a snotty arrogance blended with a Spock-like lack of feeling that verges on the cybernetic. That he is a narcissist is beyond argument but none of this explains his ideological moorings or bearings any better than his actions as president which are similarly confusing and often contradictory.

Based on his past and current behavior, Barack Obama exhibits a middling intelligence, no understanding of how an economy works, a grade school grasp of world history, and left to fend for himself would be helpless. His core is not visible because he has none. His leftist ideology is a vaporous negligee of convenience adopted only because it best suited his lack of substance.    He is a fantasy powered intellectual parasite who stamps his feet and cries when someone won’t obey the rules in his game of “Let’s Pretend”.

January 20, 2013, the day on which we will at last be free of this whiny little demagogue.

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