Virginia primary results

After a quick glance around the web this morning I couldn’t find details of the numbers in the Virginia primaries so I went to the Virginia State Board of Elections directly.

With 99.65% of the vote tabulated, these are the numbers in the Senate Primary:

Allen 167,263  or 65.46%

Radtke 58,930 or 23.06%

Marshall 17,269 or 6.75%

Jackson 12,062 or 4.72%

A strong win for Allen although perhaps not as wide a margin as expected several months ago. Allen won all eleven congressional districts. In the vote rich area nearest Washington D.C. ,  Allen exceeded his statewide margin. In Fairfax County he got just shy of 71%, nearly 72% in Arlington County, 79% in the City of Alexandria,  and 68% in the City of Fairfax.

It is interesting that Allen’s strongest District was the 9th which was represented by Democrat Rick Boucher for twenty-eight years until Morgan Griffith bounced him out in 2010. Allen exceeded 80% in the 9th District which is located in the “toe” of Virginia, sandwiched between West Virginia and Kentucky to the north and North Carolina and Tennessee to the south. The area is coal country, very rural, more unionized and less prosperous than other parts of the state.  Given that Virginia has an open primary, Allen’s margin in the 9th could well have been aided by union members unhappy with Barack Obama’s War on Coal.  Not a good sign for Tim Kaine.

There were four House primaries with all three incumbents easily renominated. Randy Forbes got nearly 90% of the vote, Bob Goodlatte received over 66%, and Eric Cantor almost 80%.

In the 11th District Chris Perkins defeated Ken Vaughn 67% to 33%.


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