The American Prospect calls George W. Bush "a likeable fella"

Politicians of all stripes tend to look better in the rear view mirror but the left has an inordinate fondness for resurrecting Republicans long out of office and finding virtues long hidden to liberal eyes. Ronald Reagan for instance would mightily enjoy his current sterling reputation among Democrats. Vilified by the left as a heartless extremist when he was in office, Reagan is now held up as an exemplar of  wisdom and and general cuddliness. Reagan benefited to a degree from being president before the Democrat Party completely descended into madness, but by the time George W. Bush was elected, all the standard niceties had been retired. Bush was Hitler, Bush lied people died, Bush went to war for Halliburton, Bush was a chimp, Bush was a war criminal. No holds were barred when it came to ridiculing and abusing President Bush. He was given no credit for any redeeming values personal or professional. He was a dishonest stupid murdering thug who couldn’t speak the English language. And his daughters were drunks just like their old man.

Ah, but that was then and this is now. Just three short years out of office and the left is beginning to rehabilitate GWB just in time to compare him favorably to Mitt Romney. As I’ve mentioned before, I am on the mailing list of The American Prospect and this morning’s “Ringside Seat” covered yesterday’s portrait unveiling at the White House. The following lines are priceless:

As strange as it may seem to see the former president and the man who won by running against his legacy enjoy each other’s company, a Romney and Bush joint-event is an even bigger stretch of the imagination. First of all, the last thing Romney needs is the optics of being paired with the man credited for singularly ruining the Republican brand….Bush remains conservative kryptonite, and Romney’s keen to keep at least 12 paces away. But there’s an even bigger reason Romney is unlikely to match up with Dubya before November. Deeply misguided politics aside, Bush is a likeable fella. He carried the 2000 election on a wave of Southern charisma and his trademarked “compassionate conservatism”— a quirk rendered extinct in the Republican Party—and although we forgot his likeability during two wars and a flailing economy, it’s easy to remember now that he’s receded away from the main political stage. Romney, on the other hand, is not exactly known for his warmth and charm. As damaging as being connected to Bush’s policies at a joint event might be, it would be far worse if Bush stole the show and left Romney looking like a lesser politician.

So here’s the deal. Romney won’t be appearing with President Bush for two reasons.

1. Because Bush was such a horrible president that he is “credited for singularly ruining the Republican brand”

2. Because Bush is a “likeable fella”  whose  “Southern charisma” would leave Mitt Romney “looking like a lesser politician.

That must be some good stuff they’re smoking inside that liberal bubble.