Obama Campaign's Misguided Tactics or: Why Romney's Record Doesn't Matter

Recent attacks on Mitt Romney’s time at Bain Capital and now his record as Massachusetts Governor reveal the desperation of the Obama Campaign. As is the case with virtually all elections this one will will turn not on the challenger’s record but on the incumbent’s.

With President Obama languishing well below 50% in almost every poll, his people know they have to change the direction in which this campaign is imperceptibly drifting. After a year of the legacy media assuring everyone that Barack Obama was a heavy favorite against those crazy Republicans, slowly but surely Mitt Romney is moving into a strong position for the fall. The problem for the Obama Campaign is that Mitt Romney is not a scary person. He has good looks and capable speaking skill combined with a bland personality that won’t get people excited but also won’t frighten anyone. His ability to amass a several hundred million dollar fortune makes it impossible to give him the air-head treatment a la Dan Quayle or Sarah Palin. He has an almost painfully bland family life with an attractive wife with whom he clearly has a strong marriage and five sons who all appear to be chips off the old block to one degree or another.

So the Obama brain trust is reduced to making creepy insinuations about his religion, pretending that private equity is suddenly a bad thing, and nit-picking his record as Governor of Massachusetts. None of this will be effective. Back in 1992 Republicans tried to make hay out of the lowly ranking of Arkansas in areas such as education, welfare, and standard of living. None of it mattered because President George H. W. Bush was the issue in 1992 not Governor Clinton.  William Jefferson Clinton’s short comings as president were still theoretical while George Bush’s were proven fact.

In 2012 the shoe is on the other foot. Barack Obama can point his finger in horror at Mitt Romney but Romney’s record is distant and open to differing interpretations.  The nation has lived President Barack Obama’s record the past 40 months and as summertime approaches once more the livin’ ain’t easy.