The biased "reporting" of Reuters and Patricia Zengerle

The dishonesty and bias of the left-wing media is so pervasive that at times it almost overwhelms my ability to quantify it. Reading a story today on Reuters, I was reminded once again how all encompassing it is. Media dishonesty is insidiously invidious  and oh so slyly subtle that often even people who expect to find it don’t see it immediately.

This morning I followed a link from RealClearPolitics to a story by Reuters entitled ” White House contest looms over Virginia Senate race”.  The story is broken into three sections, the first of which is a reasonably evenhanded accounting of the presumed Tim Kaine – George Allen match-up. Then that old cancer Media Bias begins to show itself as the second section is subtitled “MORE MODERATE THAN OBAMA” and begins:

While making the best of his ties to his fellow Democrat and appearing with Obama at a rally in the state capital Richmond, Kaine is also working to establish himself as more moderate than Obama.

So here we have a subtitle that states that Kaine is “more moderate than Obama” and then we are informed that Kaine is “working to establish himself as more moderate than Obama”.  How convenient and synergistic for Reuters and the Kaine Campaign.

Now let’s look at the second subtitle that heads the final section:  “ARE REPUBLICANS TOO FAR RIGHT?” it blares and then we are told:

Many Virginians, particularly women and younger voters, have soured on what they see as a Republican shift to the far right after a bitter partisan state budget fight and a Republican-led effort to force women seeking abortions to undergo invasive vaginal ultrasounds.

While its grudgingly admitted that “Republicans scored big in elections in 2009, 2010 and 2011” we are nonetheless assured that  “women and younger voters” see a shift to the “far right” after a “bitter partisan” budget fight and a GOP effort to “force women” to “undergo invasive vaginal ultrasounds”.

Here is the same paragraph with the extraneous words left out. In this manner you can get the full and robust flavor that the writer wants to impart:

women younger voters soured Republican far right bitter partisan fight Republican force women invasive vaginal

I hope Patrica Zengerle has a spit screen for her monitor. Those evil Republicans want to “force” women to have ultrasounds yet when Obamacare is briefly referred to in the article there is no mention of Democrats wanting to “force” everyone to buy insurance.

Finally Zengerle winds up her little screed with this dollop of whipped cream in the form of a quote from Quentin Kidd:

“He’s the quarterback, and who doesn’t like the quarterback?”

So you see George Allen is just a quarterback, a good looking but dumb jock, and THAT’S the only reason he’s even a threat to that fine moderate Tim Kaine. This is the continuation of the media fed narrative that conservatives are all dumb knuckledraggers while liberals are incredibly able and intelligent.