Mark Levin goes off on "political hacks" and the Underwear Bomber fiasco.

Yesterday I went off on the Obama Administration for its handling of the underwear bomber fiasco. This diary entry was met with silence except for one inchoate reply, so I was relieved this morning to awake and find that I am not completely alone in the universe.


This is a big deal. What we have here is multiple levels of failure. If the kernel of story that is being told is accurate (the intended suicide bomber was actually a spy working for the Saudi’s and the U.S.) then all of the other revelations range from inappropriate, to stupid and probably all the way to criminal.

This bombing operation was stopped by one person who risked their life to infiltrate Al Qaeda in Yeman, volunteered for the bombing mission, and then alerted his superiors to the plot.  That you and I now know all of this, is stunningly dangerous and suggests that the Obama Administration is milking this for political gain while betraying absolutely NO CONCERN for national security or the safety of our agents and allies around the world.

This is malfeasance of the most dishonorable sort and it likely leads directly into the West Wing of the White House.