Carville again reveals intellectual bankruptcy of the Democrat Party.

The Washington Examiner has a note on a fundraising letter sent out over James Carville’s name.

After Mitt tried to steal my line, you know I have to call him out.
In Romney’s speech bashing President Obama last night, he said, “It’s still about the economy, and we’re not stupid.”
Yeah, it still is about the economy, stupid. It’s about how hucksters like Mitt crashed it, the middle class paid the price, and the top 1% got more tax cuts.
Let’s call out these Republicans on their downright hypocrisy:
My friends at the DCCC want to raise a million dollars before the FEC deadline to put ads on the air, organizers on the ground, and as many Republicans out of office as they can.
Will you chip in a few bucks?
Thanks for stepping up.
James Carville
P.S. Yeah, it’s about the economy. But it’s also about Republicans going to war on women, trying to cut seniors off their Medicare and all the rest. Let’s beat these guys.

What caught my eye was the vacuous “P.S.”. I realize fundraisers like this consist of red meat intended to stir up the true believers enough to cause them to send in “a few bucks”, but this has to be just about the bottom of the barrel. Using crap “issues” like the “war on women” and cutting off seniors Medicare should make it obvious to the dullest person that today’s Democrat Party has no ideas beyond getting elected and re-elected.

The party that once tried to solve actual problems, albeit with the wrong solutions, no longer exists. In its place is a hollow shell that has spent all its ideas leaving only a soulless rump that serves no purpose beyond perpetuating its own existence.