John Boehner owns Charlie Rose, says Obama "lost his courage".

John Boehner gets a lot of flack from some quarters but he does an excellent job here in an interview on CBS.

I love the look on Boehner’s face and the tone of his voice about a minute in as he explains life to Charlie like a parent talking to a child.


This is what we need to see from Mitt Romney and all the various surrogates for the next seven months.

Don’t let the media get you sidetracked and chasing down rabbit holes.

When they shout “Oh look a purple zebra!” just ignore them and keep pounding Barack Obama where it hurts.

When they try to get you bogged down talking about what some rocker said or what some preacher who endorsed a Republican one time said, push back push back and push back.

Keep the focus squarely on the inept, in over his head, leading from behind incumbent.