As Joe Biden might say, this Secret Service breakdown is a BIG %&*$#@ DEAL!

Plenty of attention needs to be aimed at this developing Secret Service mess. The SS through history has been one of the tightest ran and most reliable agencies. Its of rather great importance that they be punctiliously professional given that they are the guys protecting the POTUS and maintaining the credibility of our money by staying on top of counterfeiting world wide.  This is not some minor office in charge of corn crop estimates. This is the bloody Secret Service!

Its too early to say whether the blame for this failure can be attributed in whole or in part to the policies of our puerile leader, but its certainly interesting that “the biggest scandal in Secret Service history” happens on the watch of this president who seems so uncomfortable fulfilling the traditional responsibilities of American power and influence.

Coming on the heels of the revelations on multiple GSA scandals this is another bit of evidence that our federal government is coming apart at the seams. If the Secret Service is now treating presidential trips abroad like some sort of taxpayer funded spring break, then we are in worse shape than I realized.

House Republicans need to jump on this issue ASAP and demand full answers and a plan of remediation from those responsible.