Life is like a long drive on the interstate.

I have an inordinate fondness for analogies and my family could tell you I come up with some strange ones. But I do so because analogies are ever so helpful in communicating ideas to other people (dogs and cats not so much).

It occurred to me recently that life in these United States is much like a long drive along a major interstate. Meal breaks when traveling are very similar to elections. Most of them are rather forgettable.  Many elections present a choice not much different than “Dennys” or “Shoneys”. Other elections are more akin to “McDonalds” or “Bonefish Grill”. And then a few elections present a choice similar to “Ptomaine Poisoning” or “Montezuma’s Revenge”.

My point is that even when the wrong choice is made this nation keeps on chugging down the highway. There may be some extra pit stops required to take care of business but so far nothing has proven fatal. We survived Jimmy Carter and God willing we’ll survive Barack Obama.

There are only two places to eat at Exit 2012: Barack’s Arugula Bar and Mitt’s  Shrimp & Steakhouse. Here’s hoping Americans are ready for some surf and turf.  If Obama gets another four years we may all be looking desperately for an exit with a big blue “H” sign.