Why is Wolf Blitzer shocked?

I’m beginning to suspect that the unfolding GSA scandal may be a REALLY BIG story that causes Barack Obama no end of problems. Major political scandals often start quietly and build drip by revelatory drip until too late the people at the epicenter realize the “Oh crap” alarm should have sounded weeks ago.

But today’s diary is inspired not by the latest revolting information contained in the video below, but by Wolf Blitzer’s peculiar statement at the 3:08 mark.

What Blitzer said was:

Its pretty shocking that four years into the Obama Administration stuff like this is going on…

What precisely did Blitzer mean by that fascinating statement? Why is it particularly “shocking” that “this stuff” is going on “four years into the Obama Administration” ?

The revelations are shocking yes (well disgusting is a better word, I wasn’t “shocked” by the story any more then I would be “shocked” if the national debt tops $20 trillion in the next year or two) but why the reference to “four years into the Obama Administration”? Hmmm?

I could better understand the phraseology if he were discussing unemployment, or the deficit, or the quagmire in Afghanistan, or the anemic economy, or the state of race relations in the country. After all those were all areas that Barack Obama assured us he would fix, or at least improve, lickety-split if we’d just elect him President.  He even threw in a bonus promise that his election would be  “the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal”.

Media bias is a churlish imp. No matter how straight-faced they deny it, little tell-tale signs always betray them.

The only reason I can think of for Blitzer’s choice of words is that he actually bought that “hope and change” baloney. Wolf Blitzer has been a reporter/anchor for 40 years but he drank the Obama kool-aid like a gullible boob and is now gobsmacked that his idol is incompetent.

Now THAT is shocking.