BREAKING: Obama has lost Peggy Noonan!

Four years ago Peggy Noonan was one of a group of erstwhile Republicans who succumbed in varying degrees to the Cult of Obama.  Noonan, who’s claim to fame rests entirely on having written some very good speeches for President Reagan, also saw fit to join in the general trashing of Sarah Palin in her newly assumed position of “thinking conservative”.

Now after three years of the Master of Disaster, Noonan has made a startling discovery about her former crush. In today’s Wall Street Journal she breathlessly proclaims that

“What is happening is that the president is coming across more and more as a trimmer, as an operator who’s not operating in good faith. “

Imagine that! You just can’t fool brilliant thinkers like Peggy Noonan. Repeatedly hit in the face with a flounder she finally has begun to detect a faint whiff of something fishy. Why after a mere 38 months she can infer that Barack Obama is a phony and a bully. She goes on to use words such as “sour” “creepy” and “shocking” to describe her one time beau ideal.

She further takes His Oneness to task for “following an imaginary bunny that disappeared down a rabbit hole” (shades of Jimmy Carter? ) and suggests that as a former president he would write “write a memoir laced with a certain high-toned bitterness” .

Goodness gracious! Barack Obama has lost Peggy Noonan, can David Brooks be far behind?