Logic dictates choosing the best option. Romney for President.

As we trudge through life the wise among us always strive to make the best decision at each point where one is required. Whether it is deciding to not throw rocks through Old Man Smith’s window, or deciding not to punch someone in the mouth, or deciding to go to the university that gives us the best chance to succeed regardless of how unsexy the institution may be, or deciding not to have an affair with the hot blonde in marketing, all of us make decisions everyday that impact our life and our loved ones lives in countless ways.

Sometimes the decisions are easy and even fun. Sometimes they are unpleasant or heart wrenching. But in the end a rational person  must look at the options and choose the best one even if none of them are appealing.  The 2012 Republican nomination now appears to be safely in Mitt Romney’s hands. I have been predicting for at least a year that this couldn’t happen. That the Republican party would surely have a better choice than a one term moderate governor of the most liberal of states. I was wrong wrong wrong.

Mitt Romney will be the Republican nominee. Its done, cooked, tied up, finished. Now the only choice left is between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. Suddenly the way before me is easy. As unthrilled as I am by Romney, he positively glows when compared to the most audaciously radical President of the United States in history.  As concerned as I am by his squishy brand of conservatism, I know without reservation that Mitt Romney will make more good choices and fewer awful choices than Barack Obama.

So beginning today I will suspend negative comments about Mr. Romney. Its the logical thing to do because anything I say or do to hurt Mr. Romney helps Barack Obama and that is unacceptable.

*edited for grammar 3-22-12 10:54 pm