Conservatives can't win if they.....

1. …primary right of center incumbents in swing states. Yes, Richard Lugar is who is foremost in my mind. It doesn’t matter that he has become an arrogant jerk over the last 30 years in Washington, spending millions to take him out is not a high percentage move. Orrin Hatch, different state, different story. And before you bring up Florida and Marco Rubio,  Charlie Crist was neither an incumbent Senator or right of center.

2. …continue to play by the rule book as written by the left. Agreeing to debates ran by left of center media is a great example of this problem. So is apologizing for telling the truth. So is always taking the “high road” on political scandals. When a conservative screws up let the left wing media pile on but don’t help them out any. The liberals never do when one of their philanderers  is caught.

3. …demand absolute purity of their politicians. (Yes this is similar to both #1 and #2, no pun intended) . We elect men and women to represent us on hundreds of different issues and situations. They are not always going to make everyone happy with every vote.  Not voting like Ted Kennedy is at least as big a positive as not voting like Jim DeMint is a negative.

4. …are way too impatient. Many conservative and Tea Party adherents seem seriously bummed out that the Earth didn’t reverse rotation as a result of the 2010 elections.  Changing the culture of government is much like eating applesauce with a tooth pick: A slow process of frustration leavened only by moments of  blinding rage.

5. …don’t stop behaving as if “everybody” thinks like we do. The reason labels such as conservative, liberal, and moderate exist is because people see the same issues very differently.  Moderates don’t see Barack Obama as a danger to the Republic as most conservatives do.  They just don’t. Whether because of ignorance or intellectual laziness, they don’t buy the “Barack Obama is incredibly extreme” line of argument. You could just as easily convince them that Mitt Romney is a Sith.   Like it or not if we expect to defeat Obama, our first priority should be to focus our arguments within the Overton Window.  Our second priority should be moving that window to the right, which is EXACTLY what Ronald Reagan did in the 1980’s.

Anything worth having is worth fighting for. Anything worth fighting for is worth fighting for hard and smart. In this world Evil has a huge head start and countering that evil with Pious Stupidity is not an option.