The mote in conservatism's eye.

Few people are willing to deal with reality. Liberalism is built on a base of “let’s pretend” and in far too many cases conservatives have gone along part way to preserve their relevance in the eyes of popular culture.

Just as facts are stubborn things, reality doesn’t negotiate or alter itself to suit modern sensibilities. Reality is what it is and yes often it bites. Until conservatives are willing to acknowledge and accept reality they will continue to fight a losing war with feel good liberalism.  Temporary victories such as Ronald Reagan’s presidency and election success in 1994 and 2010, glow for a short time and then are consumed by humanities mad rush toward chaos and ruin.

Conservatives can’t win by playing according to liberalism’s rules. Ronald Reagan won in 1980 because he was willing to directly challenge many of the hallowed precepts of the liberal ruling class. Every time a conservative speaks the truth and then apologizes or temporizes in the face of a manufactured outcry from the left, its another victory for liberalism and another step toward Babylon.

We, as a culture and society, have allowed the left to so muddle the national dialogue and consciousness that having a baby out of wedlock is fine but saying you disapprove is heartless. Having an abortion is fine but saying you disapprove is extreme. Committing murder and being sentenced to death will win you a dedicated following that fights for your “rights” but slipping up and uttering the wrong word at the wrong time can destroy your career and hold you up to national ridicule and mockery.

It is sick that being a “conservative” means every slip of the tongue is publicized far and wide to prove your stupidity, cupidity, or “extremism” , but it is tragic that “conservatives” aid and abet this state of things by cravenly buying into the snake oil sold by the death merchants of the left.

Conservatism has no standing to denounce the beam in liberalism’s eye until it is willing to confront its own complicity in the degradation of our national discourse, legal system, education system, and societal norms.