The End of the World as we know it. And I feel fine.

The experts have been changing their tune in recent days as Mitt Romney has continued to spin his wheels and Rick Santorum has moved out to a lead in national polling. What was derisively dismissed as mere fantasy just days ago is now starting to be discussed quite seriously. Unless something major happens in this campaign and very soon, it becomes increasingly likely that no candidate will reach the 50% threshold or come close enough to persuasively claim a morally exigent plurality.

Those same experts are now wringing their hands and predicting the sky will fall if in fact the convention is forced to hold multiple ballots among the remaining four or perhaps even turn to a “new” candidate. “Impossible” they wail, as they see their influence waning and the Great Unwashed refusing to follow their masters.

I view the prospect of a convention that is not a mere rubber stamp, as a healthy and even exciting event. To have a major party nominee decided by several thousand people who were chosen to do that very thing will be a demonstration of the strength and grandeur of our representative republic.

I feel very comfortable with the GOP nominee being chosen by party activists gathered for that purpose and nothing that happens over four days in Tampa is likely to be as painful as this interminable morass of a campaign has been month after dreary month.

Let the fun begin.