Myth of the Great Candidate that said "No"

Currently it’s common to hear sorrowful wailing because the Republican Party is forced to choose one of the candidates running for president. If only XYZ had ran, THEN we’d have something to get excited about.  This lack of interest from the Great Candidate(s) is then used as a corollary argument that Barack Obama is seen as unbeatable by the smart guys.

I submit to you that this balderdash is completely refuted by the pesky facts. Following are some of the names that are repeatedly tossed out as our great lost hope.

Chris Christie – Really? A moderate from New Jersey with two years in elective office? From Day 1 has steadfastly said “No” to running in 2012.

John Thune – Really? A guy who is in his first term in the Senate (and he had to be talked into running again after losing the first time) and is not known outside South Dakota?

Sarah Palin – Love her but no. She wisely realized it wasn’t in the cards and at just 48 she has plenty of time to wait for better opportunities.

Mitch Daniels – Its fairly well established that his wife and family were opposed to a presidential run. No mystery here.

Tim Pawlenty – Oh wait….

Bobby Jindal – Barely into his second term as Governor of a small state, will turn just 41 later this year, no way is 2012 his best time to run. Huge future potential.

Marco Rubio – In his first term in the US Senate, also will turn just 41 later this year,  no freaking way should he rush things. Huge future potential.

Haley Barbour – Oops, wrong list.

Paul Ryan – Extremely hard to run for President from the House, not well known by the average person, at just 42 has a huge future, we need him more in Congress at this point.

Unless I’m forgetting someone those are the names that get tossed around yet there are very good and obvious reasons why none of them will be the Republican nominee in 2012.

Contrary to popular folklore the GOP does not have a bench of 600 pound gorillas ready to come in, unite the party, and sweep to victory who instead cravenly decided to enter the bunker for four more years.

In fact there is only one person I am aware of who fits that description. Only one person with the organization, name ID, political experience, political ability, and the potential to draw the various factions together. And his last name simply makes him a no go for 2012.

Besides, when you consider that the Democrats had to choose between Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, and Barack Obama in 2008, I think our choices of Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, and Rick Santorum begin to take on a certain luster.