New Gallup numbers show Obama is weak.

The mass media continues to do a great job of studiously ignoring Barack Obama’s pervasive weakness in this year’s election. Aiding and abetting the media are establishment Republicans who with purple faces and wagging fingers assure us that only Mitt Romney is “electable”. To them I say “Hogwash”.

The fact is that President Obama is in a historically weak position. Numbers released by Gallup yesterday show that Barack Obama suffered weaker Third Year approval than all elected presidents over the past 60 years except for…….Jimmy Carter.

Additionally, Obama’s 12th Quarter approval rating of 43.3% is the worst ever for an elected president falling nearly three points below even the woeful Carter.

In Gallup’s summation they say:

President Obama’s recent job approval ratings look weak compared with those of his predecessors; his 44% third-year average ranks in the lower fourth of all years for which Gallup has data, back to the Truman administration. At the same time, Obama’s approval ratings are improving, with upward momentum in his most recent quarterly average and with hi s daily average now sitting at 45%, closer to the 50% level that would make him a strong bet for re-election.

Notice how Gallup digs around to find something positive to say about Obama’s awful numbers. Clearly 45% IS closer to 50% than 44% is, but 45% approval is a terrible mess for any incumbent to face.

Want further evidence of how weak Obama is? In the current RCP average in a match up against Ron Paul, Obama leads by just 5% and is stuck well below 50%. An incumbent President who isn’t double-digits ahead of an odd-ball like Ron Paul is in deep deep trouble.

This election remains ours to win.