Hitting the G Spot or; Gingrich & the Gender Gap (c)

Among the arguments being trotted out to induce fear of a Newt Gingrich nomination, the ghastly and gigantic Gender Gap (c)  is being given prominent play in all the usual places.

My first exposure to the dreaded Gender Gap (c) was back in the 80’s when the news media (with a little help from their friends in the Democrat Party) discovered that on average women tend to vote more Democrat than men do. Thus was born the Gender Gap (c) that was then put to great utilitarian use to show what women hating reprobates Republicans are.

Here is an example from Encyclopædia Britannica online:

“Until the 1980s men and women in the U.S. exhibited similar voting habits. Since then, however, women have been more likely than men to support the Democratic Party and liberal policies, particularly on issues such as equal employment opportunity, child care, and gun control.”

You see its all one sided to the liberal mind. There’s a bunch of reasons that validate liberalism that explain why women support Democrats more than men do, but apparently no reasons (or any that are worth mentioning at least) that explain why men support Republicans more than women do! It never seemed to occur to anyone that since Republicans do win elections on a regular basis that the Gender Gap wasn’t really anymore relevant than a dozen other demographic break-downs. The fact that men tend to favor Republicans more than women do never got repeated ad nauseam on the nightly news as being symptomatic of how much Democrats hate men.


And another thing, since this divergence happened in the 1980’s, and since more women usually vote then men, how is it that Republicans have been winning a greater share of elections ever since? Hmmmm? How did Republicans win the House for the first time in 40 years in 1994 (lead by Newt Gingrich) if women were fleeing the party in droves? How did the GOP gain total control of Washington for several years from 2001-2007 without votes from women? In the 32 years since Ronald Reagan was first elected, the Republican Party has had far more success at all levels of government than it had in the 48 years from 1933-1980 when (according to the media and academia) there was no Gender Gap (c) .

Political demographics are perhaps the great shining proof of Will Rogers’ famous dictum regarding statistics. While there is a gap between how women and men vote, it is just one of dozens of such “gaps” and is not meaningful in and of itself. Men and women vote somewhat differently. Marrieds and unmarrieds vote somewhat differently.  Young and old vote somewhat differently. Hoboken and Houston vote somewhat differently.

All of which brings us back to Newt Gingrich. It is an unfortunate fact that those women looking for a mild mannered, smooth talking, warm and fuzzy JFK clone won’t find him in Newt Gingrich. He is kind of odd looking and way too smart for his own good, and he says rude things sometimes.   He almost certainly will receive far more votes from rough loutish men in Amarillo then he will get from Right Thinking (c) feminists in Manhattan, but millions of women who vote with their brains instead of their gender will vote for Newt Gingrich because in spite of his lack of charm, he is far preferable to four more years of Barack Obama.