Nobody loves me, everbody hates me, I'm gonna eat worms.

That old childhood lament is roughly on intellectual par with much of the commentary many see fit to share with us each day. If they aren’t wringing their hands because Ronald Reagan hasn’t been posthumously cloned they post little snippy worthless comments about how great their guy is and how awful the rest are. Its a childish waste of time.

Newsflash for all the Gingrich, Perry, Cain, Romney, die hard supporters: Your guy ain’t perfect and the other three aren’t the spawn of Satan.  All four have some very strong points and all four have some very weak points. However, unless (insert name of your favorite theoretical superman/woman) gets in the race, one of those four men WILL be the Republican nominee next August.

That means that next November your choice will be between one of those four and another four years of Barrack Hussein Obama and his hilarious sidekick Plugs Biden.

So I beg of you, be careful what you write unless you enjoy your crow served cold and often.