Romney loses his cool, Cain loses his way

The battle for the GOP presidential nomination was greatly clarified in recent days in the wake of the Las Vegas debate and candidate statements in various interviews.

The Las Vegas debate showcased yet another flaw in Mitt Romney’s make up: He has a glass jaw. If this were a boxing match he’d still be on the canvas. His hysterical over-reaction to Rick Perry regarding Lawngate was revealing and showed Romney as a prima donna and a liar. In fact his declaration “I don’t think I’ve ever hired an illegal in my life” shows that the man speaks in Wigglease even when he lies.

His history of MittFlops, his admitted complicity in over 50 million abortions (Romney supported legalized abortion prior to Roe v Wade), and his demonstrable dishonesty, make Mitt Romney unfit to be the Republican nominee.

I like Herman Cain and I wish he was something that he has shown he is not. He  is not the “new” Reagan. He isn’t even the “new” George W. Bush. He is a good man with an amazing story, who loves America but who is not ready for prime time. His mangled answer to the question  about prisoner swaps was a mistake even a rookie should have avoided. There are certain things you don’t say whether they are true or not. So while yes, there are times when one must negotiate with bad people, one NEVER voices a willingness to do so in advance.

Then came the Piers Morgan interview in which Cain wandered all over the landscape on abortion. After watching it twice I still don’t know for sure what Mr. Cain’s position is. Actually, let me restate that:

I don’t know for sure what Mr. Cain thinks his position is.

On this stage, under these conditions, just 10-11 weeks before Iowa, this is not acceptable.

In light of these developments my choice now comes down to two men: Rick Perry and Newt Gingrich. They are the only two candidates left who I could unreservedly and enthusiastically support in 2012.

Of the four candidates who I judge to still have a chance to be nominated, my personal rankings now are: Rick Perry, Newt Gingrich, Herman Cain, Mitt Romney.