My letter from Mitt

I got my very own personal letter from Mitt Romney today. Its signed with an auto-pen and everything!

I notice that the mailer was paid for by “Romney for President Inc.” I don’t recall incorporated status for other campaigns.

The color picture of Mitt is odd in that he is looking off camera. Shouldn’t he be looking directly at the camera so as to make “eye contact” with the voter?

He mentions that men and women in their 50s are in the “prime of their life”. That got my attention. I’m just shy of 49 and have been feeling my years recently but if my prime is still ahead of me then I’ll stop complaining so much.

I live in Virginia and the letter specifically mentions that “Virginia has been particularly hard hit by the recession”.  Except to my knowledge it hasn’t been. With all the federal government jobs in Northern Virginia and all the defense jobs in the Hampton Roads area, I suspect Virginia is fairing far better than most states. In August Virginia’s unemployment rate was the 10th best in the nation at 6.3 %.

The five bulleted items that he lists as his priorities are:

1. Job creation

2. Lower taxes and ease regulations

3. Reduce entitlement spending

4. Repeal Obamacare

5. Strengthen the military

Those are all laudable and mainstream conservative goals.

The message is good, its the messenger that concerns me.