Party of Whiners

That is what we have become, the Grand Old Whining Party.

Just about all of us have grumbled at one time or another about the candidates we have running this cycle. What a bunch of malcontents we are.

Imagine if you were Chairman of the Board of a huge company whose current president had nearly destroyed your ability to compete and survive. Imagine too that when you began the search for a new president, three men applied for the job.

Applicant A: An extremely successful businessman who took both private and public ventures that were failing and turned them around.

Applicant B. The long time governor of a state that has an admirable job creation record during a time of national economic turmoil. A man who served his nation in the Air Force and attained the rank of Captain.

Applicant C. Another hugely successful businessman who turned around several floundering companies and who has experience serving in the Federal Reserve System.

Further imagine that none of these men have been touched by serious scandal and their opponents are reduced to hollering about a dog on a car roof and a painted over rock.

Further imagine that all three men have considerable personal assets of good looks, charm, and likeability, not necessarily in equal portions.

Is it credible to dismiss these three men as being “weak” or “not up to par”?

I for one think its ridiculous.

Our current President is callow and incompetent. Does anyone doubt that any of our three top candidates are FAR superior to His Oneness?

My personal preference right now would be in the order Perry, Cain, Romney, but my problems with Mitt Romney are not over whether he could handle the job. I feel certain he is a big enough man to sit in the Oval Office and fulfill the oath. If Romney is the nominee I will support him to the nth degree next Fall.

The same goes for Herman Cain. I worry some about his tendency to allow the media to frame the soundbites in interviews, but I’ve no doubt he has the brains, knowledge, and temperment to fill the office.

Rick Perry is a horrible debater but presidents are not Debaters in Chief. They assemble, delegate, persuade, and lead.  Debating is a fine exercise for young minds but a foolish part of our presidential elections.

And by the way, a fourth applicant happens to be incredibly intelligent, well spoken, and was the first Republican Speaker of the House in 40 years.

Weak? No we have strong candidates and we will have a very strong nominee once we decide who he is.