If Salvador Dali had been a pundit....

He might have written something like this awesome diary by “abierubin” .

Some of my favorite lines:


“Doing what’s right may at first cause some confusion to those who know the individual since they aren’t privy to all the details. ”

“Since increased exposure on the battlefield at a time when the enemy is invisible and unknown has been proven to do more harm than good, (think Hillary) Palin wisely chose to prolong her decision for as long as possible.”

“It would be foolish to release them in advance and not save a hit-piece for the last week of the campaign only because of uncontained excitement.”

“Those who’ve claimed that the delayed announcement is due to a negative response and therefore a fear of an angry backlash from her supporters, speak utter nonsense.”

“Waiting for the right moment is indeed difficult and can frustrate many supporters, but as with the birthday president stashed in the attic, once she will make her announcement her supporters including those who’ve become discouraged will throw their full support behind her.”

“She is simply waiting for the time she deems right to announce to arrive.”

“The last three years were chock full of attacks against Obama, yet she kept crony capitalism which serves as a double-edged sword for the primary season, thereby effectively hitting two targets with one stone.”

I’m torn between which example is my absolute favorite. The last one is prime all the way as it uses a double edged sword to hit two targets with one stone. But then that “president in the attic” is also intriguing and goes along way toward explaining things that go bump in the night. “Don’t worry dear, its only President Taft rolling over”.