Rick Perry on Israel

Rick Perry gave an important talk this morning in New York City on the current attempt by radical Islam to subjugate Israel, in this case via use of the United Nations.

Gov. Perry did an outstanding job of laying the blame for the current mess at the clay feet of Barack Obama and his rose-colored glasses foreign policy.

The two paragraphs below sum up the entire issue in easy to understand prose:

“The Obama Policy of moral equivalency which gives equal standing to the grievances of Israelis and Palestinians, including the orchestrators of terrorism, is a very dangerous insult. There is no middle ground between our allies and those who seek their destruction. America should not be ambivalent between the terrorist tactics of Hamas and the security tactics of the legitimate and free state of Israel. By proposing ‘indirect talks”  rather than between Palestinian leaders and Israel, this administration encouraged the Palestinians to shun direct talks.

…It was wrong for this Administration to suggest the 1967 borders should be the starting point for Israeli-Palestinian negotiations. When you consider the suggestion of those borders was made on the eve of the Israeli Prime Minister’s visit, we see the American Administration having a willingness to isolate a close ally and to do so in a manner that is both insulting and naïve.”

By showing the courage and clear-sightedness to make these comments, Rick Perry has taken a giant stride forward in this campaign. This was no cheap photo-op for the purpose of slinging political mud. This was a clear statement of principles and priorities.

Its been a while since a national leader did it quite this well.