Generic Republican

I now believe that whomever the GOP nominates next year, they will be elected president. Three weeks ago I wrote:

Our economy is sinking. It will get worse between now and next November. Joblessness is rising and will continue to rise and I think it likely that the unemployment rate will reach the teens before it starts to get better.

Nothing I’ve seen recently has changed my mind.  If I am correct and the economy continues to slide into depression, Barack Obama will be soundly defeated.

Europe is in complete disarray. Germany’s economy has sputtered to a halt. China is feverishly flipping levers and turning dials to keep the ship afloat. Its too late. The world is heading into deep depression of the type not seen for at least 75 years.

Our callow president has not a clue about how to extricate us from our predicament.

Buckle your chin strap and get ready for the ride of your life.