2012: Destruction or Resurrection?

The 2012 presidential election will be the most important in our life time and I believe in the nation’s history.

In the past we have had the choice between good and bad, good and better, and bad and worse. In 2012 we will choose between destruction and resurrection.

Barack Obama is the least qualified man to ever hold the office of President of The United States of America. Putting aside all questions about his intentions, he is horribly incompetent and unsuited to lead. His ignorance is comprehensive and shocking and his lack of knowledge about basic issues and fundamental truths, is bringing this nation to the brink of ruin.

His response to the devastation suffered by the American economy is the intellectual equivalent of throwing cinder blocks at a drowning person.  He simply has no idea how an economy functions. Supply and demand, money- time-value, investment incentives and disincentives, are all apparently foreign concepts to Obama.

While we are all well acquainted with his antipathy for “greedy businesses” he clearly also hates commerce in its most basic forms and doesn’t understand that healthy and vibrant commerce is what has always stoked the powerful American economic engine. The more that dollars churn and change hands the more wealth everyone has and, incidentally, the more tax money the government collects.

Our economy is sinking. It will get worse between now and next November. Joblessness is rising and will continue to rise and I think it likely that the unemployment rate will reach the teens before it starts to get better. The so-called stimulus was the economic equivalent of eating a few chocolate bars when you are hungry. The sugar high lifts you for a short while and then the crash begins.

Over the past 24 months the economy has been propped up by a succession of sugar rushes. We are out of sugar and the neighbors are not enthusiastic about loaning us more. Now comes the crash. Unless I seriously misread the indicators, our lives are about to get much more complicated and unpleasant.

As a rock-ribbed conservative who first became politically active working for Ronald Reagan’s election in 1980, I have experienced a fairly significant change in my thinking the past couple of weeks.

The detailed and specific ideology of the Republican nominee is no longer important to me. ANY of the candidates currently running, talked about running, rumored to be thinking of running, or even have already announced they are not running, will receive my financial support once they are nominated.

When my state’s primary is held I will vote for the candidate I consider most electable. If two candidates are equal on that concern, I will support the one that is more conservative.

Policy particulars can and will be fought out and decided in the Senate and House and in state legislatures across the country. As to the presidential election next November, all that really matters is that Barack Obama is not given another four years to complete his destruction of the last best hope of man.