More hate and anger from the left.

The amazing chutzpah displayed by the same liberals who castigate Republicans and conservatives for supposedly inciting hate and violence, continues.

In today’s Slate Emily Bazelon uses her column to tell us how much she “loathes” Joe Lieberman. She goes on to talk of why she “despises” him so and then there is this money quote:

Another friend, Judy Chevalier, burned up her iPad tonight when I asked her to enumerate why she hates Joe Lieberman. She ticked off a half-dozen reasons and then said, “The thing is, I did not come up with most of these myself. They come from many rounds of playing the peculiar Connecticut liberal cocktail party game ‘I hated Joe Lieberman before you hated Joe Lieberman.’

Ah, so liberals loathe, despise, and hate Joe Lieberman, who is one of their own. Now please tell me again how its the Tea Party that is hating on everyone?

I suggest we all contact the editors at Slate and ask that either Ms. Bazelon apologize for her hateful outburst or her hate filled writing be removed from the site.