Incredible numbers for the GOP in the Senate races

Nearly lost in the joy at retaking the House and the understandable disappointment of not doing better in the Senate, is the very obvious fact that the GOP totally kicked butt in the 37 Senate contests.

I went through all 37 races and added up the cumulative percentages and was startled at the result. Understand that this is not actual vote totals but simply adding up the percentage that each candidate got. In Alaska I lumped Miller and Murkowski together and in Florida did the same for Meek and Crist. I did not include John Thune’s unopposed 100%. I included Washington at 51-49 Murray.

In the 36 contested races the Republican candidate averaged 52.64 %.

The Democrat candidate averaged an anemic 44.08%.

Here’s another couple of numbers we are not hearing from the media:

Of the 37 races, the GOP won 24 while the Democrats won only 13. This assumes Murray wins in Washington since it appears that Rossi was not able to get enough votes to move the results outside the margin of corruption.

Even more damning for Democrats is that of their 13 measly wins, all but 3 came in deep blue states:

New York
New York

Two were from swing states, Nevada and Colorado and one was from traditionally blue but trending red West Virginia. In those three states the Democrats’ average percentage was just 50.66.

Finally, just to further show how awful the night was for the Democrats in the Senate races, they had no less than FIVE candidates who got a smaller share of the vote than Alvin Greene.

Now THAT’S a bad night!